Iviti Winery

Vin Santo Cortona DOC

Variety:Trebbiano, White Malvasia, Grechetto

The grapes harvested by hand, at full maturity and carefully selected, are drowed in the traditional “cannicci”. After draying they are vinified and pressed for the extraction of must.

After a cold spontaneuos decanting the must is placed in the traditional wooden “carati” 100 liters whose slats come from different essences of fruit plants. Inside the “carati” the must make the alcoholic fermentation and refinement in wood. Manual bottling takes place without filtration with natural decanting.


Visual: lively amber yellow color

Olfactory: intense, complex, elegant, candied dried apricot and peach, caramel orange, figs, dehydrated lemon, yellow flowers, nutmegs, dark chocolate, acacia honey

Taste: soft and fresh taste, good acidity that compensates for the pre-existing sugar residue. In the final you will find notes of chocolate, honey and orange